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from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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Ruscelli dell’Orto

An innovative thermal path

Jets, bubbles, and underwater music – the “I Ruscelli dell'Orto" thermal path invites you to try a therapeutic, playful, and relaxing experience. The path consists of 8 thermal water pools with different types of whirlpools and water jets that have a toning, decontracting, and relaxing effect. We have designed three different paths with a specific action on different areas of the body: a toning and decontracting path for legs and buttocks, a therapeutic path for the back with focus on the cervical and lumbar region, and, last but not least, a path to relax the whole body, with particular attention to the head and neck. We invite you to try them all, the beneficial effect is guaranteed!

Le characteristcs of the thermal path:

  • 8 outdoor pools with a water surface of 200 sqm
  • Average temperature of 35 °C in summer and 37 °C in winter
  • 35 hydro massage stations, such as anti-cellulite massage, plantar hydro massage, cervical hydro massage, “no gravity” back hydro massage
  • Tub with micro-effervescence
  • Head jet
  • Kneipp basin
  • Counter-current walk
  • Relaxing underwater music
  • Little house with a relaxing fireplace
  • 60 outdoor loungers

The thermal path "I Ruscelli dell'Orto" of our hotel in Abano Terme is open every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.