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Hydrokinetic therapy

“Improved mobility, greater tone and recovered wellbeing!”

When immersed in the swimming pool, body weight is reduced by almost 90%, which means that the rehabilitation exercises can be faced with considerably reduced effort, recording excellent therapeutic results in a short period of time.

Hydrokinetic therapy is the ideal treatment for patients with muscular strength deficits, to improve or maintain their existing physical strength before undergoing surgery and for arthritic, neurological and elderly patients, who may find it difficult and painful to move on the ground. Swimming pool therapy is enjoyable and relaxing, and combines the beneficial effects of thermal hot water with those of physical exercise, thus resulting in a significant improvement in joint mobility and the ability to walk, relieving pain and spasms.

Hydrokinetic therapy is thus a natural and effective therapy not only for the recovery and maintenance of the function of the musculoskeletal system in case of chronic diseases, but is also an extraordinary therapy for post-traumatic pathologies.

Within our team we have experienced physiotherapists who, coordinated by our medical director, offer passive and active kinesiotherapy courses in the gym.

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