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4-star S hotel in Abano Terme: between tradition and innovation

Tradition and innovation

Our 4-star Superior spa hotel near Montegrotto boasts a very ancient history, which begins more than a century ago. At the beginning of the 20th century, in fact, Hotel Mioni Pezzato was among the first spa built in the area of Abano Bagni. Among the hotels near Montegrotto we are the only ones where the same family has been running the spa hotel for more than 100 years.

Our history

It was in 1889 when Giovanni Mioni, the steward of the estate of Abano Giarre, owned by the famous Paduan family Wollemborg, used to go to Abano Bagni, near a spring of sulphurous thermal water known for its therapeutic properties, to treat the after-effects of an accident which occurred during the grape harvest. Having obtained great benefits, Giovanni sensed the potential of this source and, supported by Leone Wollemborg, a famous liberal man known for having founded the first Italian rural bank, bought the land around the thermal spring.

In 1906 he built a resort here called Nuove Sorgenti, the management of which he entrusted to Ugo Pezzato. Even today, there remains a vestige of the old source from which everything started: it can be found in the stone well under the beech tree at the entrance to the hotel.

Giovanni, although satisfied with the growing business, was worried about his elder son Giuseppe’s impetuousness in pursuing love affairs, as he neglected his job to “sow his wild oats”.

When the handsome Giuseppe Mioni fell in love with Elvira Pezzato, the manager’s judicious younger sister, his father Giovanni was so happy that he gave the newlyweds the spa hotel that, from the day of their marriage, celebrated on 16th September 1915, also at the request of the young and emancipated Elvira, took the name of Nuove Sorgenti Mioni Pezzato.

Five generations have already run the family business. Commendator Luigi Mioni, son of Giuseppe, enlarged the structure and built the first spacious thermal bath in Abano Terme. His son Mauro and his wife Giovanna had the fortunate intuition to combine the thermal department under the management of Dr. Eliana Mioni with a modern wellness centre and to orient the company towards its present development.

Today Giovanni Mioni, managing director, and his wife Cyrielle, director, run the hotel. Both have developed their knowledge at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne and perfected it at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. Over the last 10 years, the hotel has grown continuously and has been able to completely renovate all rooms and expand its team from 50 to 120 employees.

Our philosophy

Hospitality is not just a job for us. Hospitality, for us, is an attitude to life, a passion, and a commitment that unites us. Making our passion our job was a great privilege. To share it with our loved ones is a dream come true.

VISION: To be the best regenerating spa hotel!
The future must be conquered day by day through a clear awareness of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

MISSION: We take care of our guests, our staff, and our home. It is our aimt to be a regenerating refuge for body and mind! 

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