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Spa treatments with ASL agreement

Thermal treatments in partnersip wit the Ministry of Health

The thermal centre directly in our hotel in Abano Terme has been classified by the Ministry of Health at the highest level. This official recognition testifies to compliance with the highest quality standards in the therapeutic field and is a guarantee of safety and maximum quality for all guests who enter the structure and the therapeutic paths.

With a doctor’s prescription you will have access to our spa treatments, and only have to pay the entrance ticket. We offer conventioned fangotherapy and inhalation therapy (aerosol and inhalations). The conventions also apply to our spa offers.

In addition to the natural and beneficial properties of the mud and the thermal waters of the Euganean Basin, the guests of our hotel can count on the highest quality of our thermal treatments, which are carried out in a modern and functional structure by highly specialized staff.

Mud therapy programme with doctor’s prescription

1 medical examination for admission to treatment
12 muds
12 showers + thermal bath

Inhalation therapy programme with doctor’s prescription

1 medical examination
12 inhalation therapies
12 aerosols

Conditions for access to spa treatment with a doctor’s certificate

  • The spa treatment must be carried out in 1 single establishment.
  • You can use 1 binding per year per person.
  • You can benefit from 1 spa treatment per person per year (mud therapy or inhalation therapy, not both).
  • The treatment must be completed within 60 days after the first treatment
  • Those who are not exempt are required to pay a ticket of 50,00 euro.
  • Ozone therapy is excluded from the services provided by ASL.

We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding the spa treatments offered by our hotel. To book a stay for a spa treatment, click here.

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