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health Cuisine in Abano Terme

Our culinary philosophy

At our hotel in Abano Terme, food is a pleasure that is good for body and soul. You can enjoy our healthy cuisine in the Ristorante 1915, in the Grill of the Pavilion (on warm days), and in the Bistrot La Pause (on cold days). Our principles:

  • Use of fresh and, if possible, seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • No use of semi-industrial or industrial products
  • No use of flavour enhancers such as glutamate
  • Dishes cooked entirely in the house, daily and with fresh ingredients

HACCP Safe Kitchen

In the kitchen of our restaurant in Abano Terme we have always strictly adhered to all standards of hygiene, cleanliness, and the proper storage and preparation of the food we put on the table every day. Because of this sensitivity, we have carefully analysed our internal prevention procedures in order to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that we can offer our guests safe cuisine.

Personalised diets and allergies

In the restaurants of our hotel in Abano Terme we are not specialised in slimming cures. However, we do care about people with allergies and food intolerances and special diets. Please inform us of any dietary requirements or special requests at the time of booking so that we can prepare ourselves in the best possible way. 

Try our fresh juices

In the Grill of the Pavilion (in summer) and in the Bistrot La Pausa (in winter) you can quench your thirst and refresh yourself with freshly squeezed juice. Thanks to the skilful balance between naturally sugary fruits, refreshing citrus fruits and healthy vegetables, we offer you a range of juices ideal for replenishing your energy reserves. Our freshly squeezed juices are ideal for providing the body with the micronutrients it needs to feel good.

Movement is the best ally of good food

We all have to find our own balance. On holiday it is normal to let yourself go a little, but it is important to compensate for the increased calorie intake with increased movement. How to to do it is your decision. Here is our advice:

  • Take part in the group exercises, which we offer in the pool or gym
  • Use our fitness studio and ask our personal trainer for help
  • Bike along the Colli Euganei cycle path
  • Take a walk in the adjacent pedestrian area of Abano
  • Discover the beauty of Padua or one of the many nearby cities
  • Follow the paths in Colli Euganei Regional Park
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