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Water is life! Thermal water is health!

“Our family adventure begins more than a century ago.”

The thermal water of the Euganeo Basin begins its journey at about 1,500 m in the Monti Lessini in the Venetian Prealps. From there the water continues to flow underground. During its leisurely journey, which is 80km long and lasts 30 years, it is enriched naturally with precious mineral salts. The journey ends when the water reaches Terme Euganee and flows back to the surface at a temperature of over 80 °C. The thermal water of Terme Euganee, known throughout the world for its chemical physical and therapeutic properties, has a beneficial effect on the body.

Characteristics of the thermal water of Abano Terme:

  • Is naturally pure
  • Is naturally hot
  • Relieves muscles contractures
  • Reduces tension and removes stress
  • Helps circulation
  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Improves joint function
  • Strengthens the body and soothes the mind

Chemical composition of the thermal water

Water temperature 77°C
pH value 7,1
Electrical conductivity at 18 °C    7042 p Simens
Fixed residue at 180 °C 5,050 g/L
Fixed residue at 550 °C 4,340 g/L
Sodium ion (Na+) 1,239 g/L
Potassium ion (K+) 0,088 g/L
Calcium ion (Ca2+) 0,366 g/L
Magnesium ion (Mg2+) 0,080 g/L
Ammonium ion (NH4+) 0,0027 g/L
Iron (Fe) <0,05 p.p.m.
Nitrite ion (NO2 -) -
Nitrate ion (NO3 -) -
Sulphate ion (SO4 2-) 0,980 g/L
Chloride ion (CI-) 2,176 g/L
Hydrogen carbonate ion (HCO3 -) 0,169 g/L
Bromide ion (Br-) 13,6 mg/L
Iodide ion (I-) 0,82 mg/L
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) 1,67 mg/L
Silicic acid (SiO2) 0,051 g/L
Alkalinity (mL HCI 0.1 N/L) 27,7
Total hardness 120°F
Oxidizability 7,40 mg/L
Organic substances 0,3310 g/L
Cryoscopic Delta -0,23°C
Osmotic pressure 3, 10 atm.