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Between shopping in Abano Terme and culture

Discover and enjoy the surroundings

A holiday is the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of a place. Take advantage of your stay at Hotel Mioni Pezzato & SPA to discover the many cultural attractions in the area or to go shopping in Abano Terme. Abano is also the ideal starting point to visit some of the most fascinating cities of Northern Italy in a day trip and to experience the history, architecture, handicrafts, and lifestyle of cities such as Padua, Venice, Verona, Bologna, or Milan. Just contact our reception desk, we will be happy to advise you and help you organise your excursions!


A city full of treasures to be discovered - only 20 minutes by car from our hotel in Abano Terme. Here you will find the Cappella degli Scrovegni with the frescoes of Giotto and Prato della Valle, Italy's largest square, with an island in the middle surrounded by a moat and decorated with statues of famous people with links to Padua. During a day trip you can also visit the Basilica di Sant'Antonio, the botanical garden, and the famous Palazzo della Ragione.

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